A Productive Notion: Life OS - Version 1

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A digital life operating system built entirely in Notion to super-charge your workflow and get things done.

Add value to your life and work and get more done with this second brain system. It can help you visualise your goals, collect inspiration and knowledge, action your tasks and projects, and effectively maintain your system.

✅ 🔖  Task and Project Manager with weekly review system

🔁  A Beautiful Home Dashboard to filter and manage your daily tasks, collect ideas, and view everything in one place

🗓️  Weekly Scheduling System Including Google Calendar view & Integration instructions

💡 🗄️  Knowledge Bank and Second Brain system for collecting Notes and Inspiration

📚  Notebooks Dashboard: one searchable database for all your notes

🎯  Goals Setting & Yearly Planner System to review your year and plan the next

🌓  Practices / Habit Tracker to log you progress and reach you goals.

🔑  There is a full set-up and system guide available within the template.

View a full video tour on my youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/szTZdEQsiys

Want More?

Want to add a 📔Digital Journal, a 📷Content Creation Dashboard or both? Check out the other versions.

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✅ 🔖
Task and Project Database System
Weekly Scheduling System
Notebooks Dashboard
Goals Setting & Yearly Planner
Practices / Habit Tracker
Beautiful Home Screen Dashboard
Integrated Set-up & User Guide
💡 🗄️
Knowledge Bank & Second Brain
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A Productive Notion: Life OS - Version 1

2 ratings