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A Financial Notion | Track Your Money

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A Finance Tracker and budgeting tool built entirely in Notion.

This Notion Template is built from three databases to capture, calculate and store your monthly income, expenditure and yearly profit & loss. 

Join the 6000+ users who have already simplified their lives with my Notion systems.

With this system you can:

  • Quickly log and track automatically dated income and expenditure, linking it to clients, and categories.
  • Capture monthly expenses as one-off, variable or fixed entries and simply reset it each month.
  • Create monthly fixed & variable expense budget items using the template generator for quick account management
  • View rolled-up income, expenditure and profit/loss reports in the Balance Report database.
  • Set budget limits for specific expenses and track when you over spend. 
  • Set % claims against individual expenses to manage both your personal expenditure and your claimed business expenses. 
  • Keep an historic record of everything, for each financial year, and easily reset the dashboard to start a new one. 

Using it:

All you need to use it is a Notion account (free for life). A set-up guide and accompanying suggestions and further references are included in the Notion template including how to change the system to your currency. There is also a video tour of the system with further tips for using and integrating the template on the Better Creating YouTube channel. View the tour video here:

*This template works as an addition to my Complete, Create and Productive Life OS templates.

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*This template is created as a guide only. You are solely responsible for your own finances and should always check your own calculations when using this template to do your accounting.

*Unfortunately I can't offer returns as this is not possible with Notion templates. Once you have the link / duplicate them they are yours. If you have concerns, please email before downloading. Any additional sales taxes for your country are added by Gumroad at checkout. :)

Read my FAQs & Basic Service Level Agreement here:

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A Financial Notion | Track Your Money

22 ratings
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