A Productive Notion: Life OS Version 2

Better Creating
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An all-in-one personal productivity tool & life operating system built entirely in Notion.

Visualise your goals, track your progress, collect inspiration and knowledge, action your tasks and projects, and effectively maintain your system.

Join the 5000+ users who have already simplified their lives with my Notion systems.

Watch my overview tour video for Complete Notion Template above ➚ (features comparison below)

What's Included:

  • 🎯A Goal Setting System & Year Planner
    • Includes weekly, monthly & yearly review templates to review your year.
  • 🗓 Integrated Daily Log System with:
  • 🌓 Habit Tracker
  • 👟 Fitness Tracker
  • 📖 Prompted Daily Journal
    • 14 guided templates inspired by the Stoics to help you reflect, plan and capture your thoughts.
  • ✅ Task Manager integrated with:
  • 🗂 Project Database
  • 📥 Mobile & Desktop Optimised Home Page
  • 🤝 Contacts & Clients Manager
  • 💸 Financial Tracker
  • 🧠 Knowledge Bank: Readwise ready to capture ideas and inspiration you consume
  • 📚 Notebook Database to keep your notes together.
  • 🛒 Wish List to save your favourite future trips and product purchases.
  • 🔑  Comprehensive Start Up & User guide to learn the system step-by-step
    • Existing users will find a guide to options for transferring to this new version.

What users are saying:

"it is truly magical! It has everything that I wanted and is far more comprehensive than I thought it would be". Archie Akhavan-Kharazian

"It's been fantastic. I run my entire life from it" Alberto Lambert 

“I cannot imagine managing all my business and projects without you Complete Life OS 2.0! Definitely my best investment this year” Kamil Lizurej

Important Stuff

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Read my FAQs & Basic Service Level Agreement here: https://www.bettercreating.com/templatefaqs

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A Productive Notion: Life OS Version 2

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