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A Notion Work Pad For Stream Deck | Icon Pack, Profile & Guide

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This custom Icon pack and set-up guide can help you simplify and speed up your workflow in Notion using Stream Deck of Stream Deck Mobile to create shortcuts and workarounds for Notion!

Join the 6000+ users who have already simplified their lives with my Notion systems.

Automate your favourite Notion commands to these visual keys to remove the friction of faster working

Add multi-action commands to quickly open specific Notion pages in one click, whatever you are doing on your computer.

Integrate these Notion buttons with your wider Stream Deck productivity system

  • πŸ’»Β πŸŽ¨42 custom Icons that will correspond to Notion shortcuts in both Colour and Mono Designs as well as a matching blank icon to make more of your own.
  • πŸ”‘A simple guide for using Stream Deck with Notion including how to use Hotkeys Multi-actions and auto-text input functions to automate your favourite Notion commands (an Duplicatable Notion Page)
  • 🌐My Exported Stream Deck Profile for Notion - with shortcuts pre-programmed!
  • 🌐*Requires you to either own a Stream Deck or have signed up to use the paid Mobile Stream Deck app from the Apple or Android Apps Stores (Elgato offer a 1-month free trial). Go to for more.
  • Watch the accompanying YouTube Video to see it in action here: and drop me a sub and a like while you are there! :)

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Please Note: Since I operate a no-returns policy on my Notion tools and templates - any concerns please email me before downloading at Any additional sales taxes for your country are added by Gumroad at checkout. :)

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πŸ’» 42 Mono Custom Icons
Link Notion themed icons to actions
🎨 42 Colour Custom Icons
Give it a pop of colour!
πŸ”‘ A User Guide
A basic Guide To Using Stream Deck With Notion (occasionally updated Notion Page)
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A Notion Work Pad For Stream Deck | Icon Pack, Profile & Guide

6 ratings
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